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Comments & Complaints

Should you feel the need to complain about any service/treatment you have received within the Practice, please write to Angela Allenby, practice manager of the Surgery. We would also like to know what we are doing well!

Patient Relations Service (PALS)

PALS can provide confidential advice and support to help you resolve complaints, queries and concerns about your NHS care as well as general information about NHS services. PALS are not able to help with social care complaints, though they can advise you who to contact.

Patient Relations Service
Health House
Grange Park Lane
HU10 6DT
Tel: 01482 335409


Healthwatch North Lincolnshire is the independent consumer champion for health and social care. Their job is to give everyone a local, powerful voice to help you get the best out of health and social care services in your area.

Healthwatch North Lincolnshire:

  • Provides information to the public about accessing health and social care services
  • Provides support for complaints about NHS services. The Independent Complaints Advocacy (ICA) will help you explore your options at every stage of your complaint and can give you information that can help you decide what to do (see below for more information on ICA)
  • Ensures the involvement of local people in the provision, monitoring and Commissioning of local services

North Lincolnshire Independent Complaints Advocacy (ICA):

The registered charity, Carers Federation, has been appointed to provide the NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy for North Lincolnshire under the umbrella of Healthwatch North Lincolnshire.

North Lincolnshire ICA, is a totally free and independent service which supports people through the NHS complaints process to seek an explanation, an apology or to ask for a service to be improved. People are offered a Self Help Information Pack if they would like to make a complaint themselves, or if they need more support our experienced Advocate is on hand to help.

For more information or to request support from ICA, call Freephone number, 0808 802 3000 (free from landlines and mobile phones) or visit

Healthwatch North Lincolnshire Volunteers: We are keen to recruit volunteers who want to make a real difference to the way that local and health and social care services are run. If you are interested in a volunteer role, please contact us.

Healthwatch Patient Survey: Healthwatch want to hear about your experiences. If you have used your GP, dentist, local hospital or another health or social care service in the last year, we want to hear about it. Tell us your views by completing our short online survey:

Contacting Healthwatch
Office telephone:
01724 844986

Information and Signposting Enquiries:
01724 245999

NHS Complaints
0808 802 3000

Healthwatch North Lincolnshire
Suite 36&37
Normanby Gateway
Lysaghts Way
Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
DN15 9YG

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